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Why is a Pomodoro 25 minutes?

A question that often gets asked by those who are just beginning to use the Pomodoro technique is why is a Pomodoro 25 minutes? Why isn't a Pomodoro 15 minutes or why isn't a Pomodoro 30 minutes? Twenty-five minutes seems to be such a random time period, but there are actually a number of reasons for it to be 25 minutes and not a longer or shorter period of time. Below you'll find the four main reasons that a Pomodoro is 25 minutes long:

  • It's not a daunting enough amount of time to make you procrastinate.
  • It's not too short as you can't get a good amount of the task done.
  • It creates urgency so that you're more productive and you stay focused.
  • It frames each hour of the day well.
  • It's Not Too Long

One of the main goals of the Pomodoro is to get people who procrastinate not to do so. To accomplish this, the time of the Pomodoro can't be too long that it discourages people from even beginning. Twenty-five minutes is a short enough time period that most people can look at it and say they can work on the task at hand for that amount of time. It's a manageable amount of time to put aside to work even on a task that doesn't inspire you. It gets people to begin the task because it's not an overwhelming amount of time to focus on even if the overall project may take numerous Pomodoros to complete.

In addition, it's a period of time that prevents you from burning yourself out on the task. Longer periods of time can make it so you won't have the motivation to get back to the project once you take a break. The 25-minute Pomodoro helps prevent this burnout by keeping the work period fairly short so there is no hesitation to go back to the task once the short break is over.

It's Not Too Short

Just as 25 minutes isn't too long of a period of time, it's also not too short a period of time. If a Pomodoro was shorter, it would be difficult to get much done. 25 minutes is long enough for the person to spend some quality time on the task and make significant progress toward its completion before taking a break. It's important to see that progress is being made on the task so that you'll want to continue to do more Pomodoros after each break.

It Creates Urgency and Focuses

Having each Pomodoro 25 minutes long helps to create a sense of urgency when working on the task. This time period isn't super long, so once you begin you know you need to work hard on the task because the 25 minutes is going to end soon. In turn, this urgency helps you become focused on the task to get as much done in the Pomodoro. This combination of urgency and focus helps to make you more productive so you can get a significant amount of the task done is the period of time given.

One Hour Frame

In addition to all of the things mentioned above, the 25-minute Pomodoro is the perfect time to frame an hour of the day. A Pomodoro is 25 minutes and then a five-minute break to make 30 minutes. That means that two Pomodoros with breaks come to exactly one hour. Knowing this makes it much easier to plan time in the day and keep your task on schedule.

Why are Pomodoros 25 minutes?

A Pomodoro is 25 minutes because it's the perfect length of time to help you not procrastinate, be productive, create urgency and help you stay focused on any task you are tackling. You should now have a better understanding as to why a Pomodoro is 25 minutes. While it may seem a bit strange at first, give the Pomodoro Technique a try and you'll quickly see that the 25-minute time period really does work out well to keep you on task and productive throughout the day.